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Adventurous Roast Rotation

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Has that mule been ridden before?  You don't know, but you are game to try!  Maybe it isn't even a mule...

We will let you try every caffeinated "mule" and "donkey" in our regular pack string, but we want your help in breaking some new ones, as well.  (We are actually still talking about coffee, promise!)

Receive 12 oz. bags of our coffee at any interval you choose, and for however long you choose to do so.  We will rotate your fulfillment each time with a coffee from our regular string or one that we are just looking to break in.  You might not be sure of what sort of ride your about to take, but we think you'll like the experience.

Though we ask for a an adventurous spirit, you are guaranteed fresh, craft-roasted, specialty coffees, roasted in small batches here in Idaho. 

25¢ from each bag of coffee sold on-line is donated to Ridge to Rivers for Foothill’s trail maintenance.

We work very closely with our roasting partner, Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters, to ensure you receive incredibly fresh coffee.  At times, this means we will hold your first order for a few days to catch the next roasting cycle--after that, your coffee will arrive like clock work.  We make local deliveries on Thursdays in the Boise area.  If you are getting your coffee by mail or local pick-up, we will notify you via e-mail when your order has shipped or is ready and staged for you.

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