15.3 Hand Nicaraguan Donkey
(Medium-Dark Roast)

Collections: Coffee

Type: Coffee

A medium-dark roast from Nicaragua.

Each bag of our 15.3 Hand Nicaraguan Donkey contains the memory of past exploits, of epic friendships, and the prospect of adventures to come–all interwoven with a rich aroma and deep flavor.  This roast as a great every-day cup (and when possible, the quintessential morning campfire companion).  Whether laying your head on a down pillow or laying out under the open sky, each night you will eagerly anticipate the arrival of the next morning’s brew.

Curated by Richard the Mule and proudly roasted by our local partner Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters.  

25¢ from each on-line sale of this coffee is donated to Ridge to Rivers for Foothill’s trail maintenance.  

Sold as a 12 oz. bag. 

We work very closely with our roasting partner, Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters, to ensure you receive incredibly fresh coffee.  At times, this means we will hold your first order for a few days to catch the next roasting cycle--after that, your coffee will arrive like clock work.  We make local deliveries on Thursdays in the Boise area.  If you are receiving your coffee by mail or local pick-up, we will notify you via e-mail when your order has shipped or is ready and staged for you.


A bit more about our naming method:

Bean Origin:

Donkeys (Equus africanus asinus) are a distinct species, and thus, a Café Mulé “Donkey” is a single origin with beans sourced from one distinct region.

Mules are a hybrid produced from breeding a male donkey and female horse, thus, Café Mulé roasts created from a blend of beans from different geographic regions will be referred to as “Mules”

Roast Level:

Equines (Horses, Donkeys, Mules) are measured by a unit of measure known as a “hand”.  A hand is equal to four inches, and our four-legged friends are measured from the ground to the highest point above their shoulders (the withers).  A 16 hand mule or donkey looks BIG, and thus, our darkest roast coffees will get the 16 hand distinction.  A 12 hand equine looks small, and so a Café Mulé 12 hand roast is very light.  15 hands denotes a medium-dark roast.

For those truly interested, an additional note about the "hand" unit of measure: it has a base of four, so measurements progress as 12, 12.1, 12.2. 12.3, 13, 13.1, 13.2...  A measurement of 12.3 hands would be equivalent to 51 (12 x 4 = 48, + 3 = 51) inches. May you now go forth with greater mule (and donkey) knowledge!

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