Café Mulé Up-Cycled Shirts


Richard the mule is all of these things, and so are our SHIRTS!!!

We had an “aha moment” while walking through a local thrift store. There are already so many shirts in the world, in need of a home. Some of those shirts would look absolutely awesome emblazoned with a pack mule, adorned by people who love great coffee and the outdoors. But why populate the universe with more “new” shirts?  

Instead, we thought we could offer people the opportunity to wear a high-quality shirt with a logo that represents community, positivity, and a love of being in the outdoors—only doing it in our own unique manner.  We did put nitro cold brew coffee on a pack mule, after all… 

We now bring you our Café Mulé Up-cycled Shirts!!!

Represent Richard and Café Mulé with the confidence that no one else is doing it quite the way you are—you, too, are one-of-a-kind, and your shirt will proclaim it so!