Meet Richard the Mule

February 03, 2016

Part co-founder, part loyal companion, and 100% off-road logistical support vehicle... We are proud to announce Richard the mule as the newest member of the team.

We scoured a long list of resumés and conducted many thoroughly hands-on interviews to find and ultimately select a team member of Richard's caliber.  Above all, he is an extremely friendly, and go-lucky guy who should fit well into the our culture (if not define it).  As anyone can tell by looking at him, he has rather large ears--pretty darn cute and fuzzy if you ask us.  More importantly though, he has a large, kind (and according to the vet, strong) heart! 

In many ways, Richard is a symbol of a way of life that once flourished on a much larger scale in the American West, and we are very proud of his heritage.  Richard's previous work experience includes over a decade packing supplies for the migrating Basque sheep camps that are still active in parts of Idaho.  He has undoubtedly experienced many a long work day, much tough terrain and weather, and a lot of freedom under the open skies.  He has never been to school and never worn shoes, but he certainly carries a wisdom of the world with him.  

As grazing conditions and business models are changing, though, so too must Richard.  Embracing change and seeing it as an opportunity, Richard has stepped forward to be the backbone of something truly innovative: Café Mulé.  Beginning in May, Richard will be packing coffee and pastries into the great outdoors to serve thirsty weekend adventurers.  Whether you hike, trail run, mountain bike, ride horseback, or navigate Idaho's trails by ATV, Richard will set-up shop in a location that caters to you.  And we will provide you some good trail recommendations and maps to get to us based upon your desired mode of travel and skill level.

Richard gets a certain spring in his step when a pack saddle is placed upon him--he loves to pack, and he aims to please.  We are most excited for this new chapter in Richard's life and the impending adventures that Café Mulé will bring for us and the community we love.

Welcome Aboard Richard!!!